Our physical therapists provide expert advice for preventing further damage by promoting healing through specific exercises suited for each individual.


At Control Physical Therapy you’ll be greeted by a very friendly staff and welcomed into a relaxed and fun environment. We aim to help people heal on all levels through personalized care, customized to you and your limitations. Compassion, patience, kindness, and a genuine concern for your well being and recovery are our focus to help you reach your goals.


The therapy clinic at Control Physical Therapy was established in 2018 in order to empower patients with methods to take control of their pain, stiffness, limitations and ability to perform at their highest potential.




Sports Performance and Rehabilitation

Sports Performance As athletes ourselves, we understand the stress of trying to maintain a healthy and pain free body while also trying to maximize performance.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a technique used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors to provide quick pain relief. It involves inserting a thin needle directly.

Back and Neck Care

Pain Many different things can hurt on and in our bodies due to various issues involving your spine. Each of these issues responds differently to certain.


How is cupping performed? Myofascial Distraction using Cupping Techniques is directed at the muscular and fascial system of the body. A cup is attached to..




At Control Physical Therapy we will listen to your symptoms and physical limitations, then design a personalized treatment plan that is targeted to your needs and designed for you. From there we’ll work together as a team with doctors, therapists, trainers and coaches until they are all satisfied! We want you back doing what you love in no time at the highest level of function possible.

We treat everyone. From small business to corporate staff to sports players from professional athletes down to children playing on their school teams who have had sports-related injuries or surgery. Our job is to get each individual back on their feet and maintain a program that increases injury prevention before it happens by strengthening weak areas of the body while addressing any imbalances which can lead to future pain or injury. Our physical therapists provide expert advice for preventing further damage by promoting healing through specific exercises suited for each individual.

Case Studies:

Case Study 1: Shoulder Pain Relief

Patient: Sarah

Issue: Chronic shoulder pain affecting daily activities.
Treatment: Greg conducted a thorough assessment and identified muscle imbalances and restricted mobility. He prescribed a tailored treatment plan incorporating manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and cupping therapy to release tension and improve shoulder function.
Outcome: After several weeks of treatment, Sarah experienced significant pain reduction and regained full range of motion in her shoulder, allowing her to resume her daily activities pain-free.
Precise Radiofrequency Therapy on Shoulder for Pain Relief



Tips & Tricks for You

Jiu-Jitsu & Labral Injury

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that has gained widespread popularity worldwide. This grappling-based combat sport involves various techniques that require tremendous physical and mental skills. Like any other combat sport,

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Dry Needling For Neck Pain

Dry needling is a modern treatment technique that involves inserting thin needles into specific pain points in the body. Trigger points are tight knots of muscle that can cause neck pain

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What Client Say About Us

I've been putting off some really bad knee pain for a few months or so and kept ignoring it best I could. If anything touched it I'd get a sharp pain and if overworked it starts to swell up. It only took Greg a few moments to see the problem and lay out a plan on getting me fixed up. I could immediately tell a difference in mobility and flexibility after the first session which was really cool and reassuring. Confident to say that it he'll have it fixed up in no time and will actually improve overall function too.
Another thing to note is that he took me doing jiu-jitsu into account. This isn't only going to help me recover but I can tell it'll help me on the mats too.
Dylan M.
My boyfriend goes to Greg for physical therapy 3 times a week due to a shoulder injury from a work incident back in Sept. He had surgery in Dec and started seeing Greg shortly to get back into his regular lifestyle, which includes Brazilian jujitsu. As a third-party viewer, I can see the difference and results. Greg is amazing because he understands and specializes in that aspect. My boyfriend has been following all his guidelines and is almost completely back to himself after 4 months and nearly 2 or so more to go. I have seen the work and effort and recommend Control Physical Therapy to help escalate your progress back into your everyday life. Give them a call and see what they're about, you'll only be greeted with kindness and compassion.
Breana B.
I first tried out a large clinic to rehab my shoulder after a labral surgery. I didn’t enjoy any aspects of the larger clinic- the therapist was not very kind and provided very little patient education or information about the treatment plan. I decided to try out Control PT and was pleasantly surprised- Greg was very personable and attentive. He answered all my questions and helped me better understand my injury. He treated me as an individual and created a personal rehab plan that was based on my abilities and limitations. 10/10 would recommend.
Portrait of a man in a black sweatshirt
Jeremy M.
I highly recommend Control Physical Therapy. Because of my bad knees, especially my right one, it was quite difficult for me to walk. And do housework. And do pretty much anything that required standing up. I was looking for knee replacements but my insurance required PT first. I am so grateful for this expectation. After five or so weeks, I can walk comfortably and confidently again. And I’ve put knee replacement surgery on indefinite hold. Additionally, I am going to the gym regularly and getting myself back in to shape. My knees had prevented such activity for such a long time. I am truly grateful to Greg and his company, Control Physical Therapy. Thank you, Greg. You’re the absolute best.
Cheryl P.
I've seen 7 other physical therapists in the Valley over the years and Greg is by far the best... and it's not even close. If you have pain, especially chronic pain, Greg is the guy to see to get it down to manageable levels so you can return to living a normal life. When I first started seeing Greg I had debilitating pain in my shoulders, knees, and ankles. Just 3 months later and I can play (some) sports comfortably again and my quality of life has improved GREATLY. Before going to Control PT, I was barely able to squat or walk for 5 minutes without pain. Looking forward to what the future holds!
Daniel S.
Greg is the best Physical Therapist I have seen in years. Very professional, knowledgeable, he helped me tremendously with a sciatica issue I had. He nailed my issue right away, and his treatment started to work quite soon. He went above and beyond, created a customized exercise program and maintained contact to make sure it was working properly. When discharged me when he realized I was ready, didn't even try to convince to me to continue treatment (like so chiropractors do). Without a doubt, I strongly recommend his services to anyone needing professional and reliable Physical Therapy.
Raymond C.